Select Affiliates™ was designed and built from the Provider’s and Client’s perspectives. The result is a nationwide network of Physicians that offers functionality, depth of service, and professional competent providers working collaboratively to provide the right care, all the time, at an affordable cost.

Our Physicians are not Chosen, They are Selected

In addition to our extensive Interview Process, each Physician in our Network undergoes a rigorous and stringent credentialing process that leaves no stone unturned. Our extensive background investigation includes Primary Source Verification of Education and any Specialty Certification, Employment and Practice history, Criminal history, previous or pending Malpractice Claims, and Federal Program exclusions. Once all findings are processed, the Selection Team, led by our Chief Medical Officer, reviews the Physician’s qualifications, background, work ethics, and core values prior to extending an invitation to join our Network. Why is our process so extensive? We want to ensure that each Selected Physician is not just well qualified and highly recommended, but is passionate about Select Affiliates’ mission to provide quality care at an affordable cost in a collaborative well-coordinated manner.

Using Technology to Improve Quality

Select Affiliates Physicians, utilize ASTUTE, GloNet’s proprietary Health Management system to electronically coordinate patient care. From scheduling, to electronic health records, to claims submission, ASTUTE provides a platform to integrate care across the Network allowing providers to coordinate care amongst disciplines and services in real time.

High Quality Affordable Care

At Select Affiliates, high quality affordable care is not just a tagline. It is our mission. We believe that through collaborative care by engaged unified Providers and intelligent technology, we can improve the quality of healthcare. If you are interested in joining our Network or would like to learn more about how our Network can serve your members, please contact us.