Active Scalable Total User Technological Environment

What does that mean?

It means that ASTUTE™ is an Integrated Healthcare Management System specifically designed to your specifications.

Active: Designed with Flexibility. Able to Intelligently Adapt. Fully Customizable
Scalable: Created with your business in mind. Large, Small, or Anything in Between
Total: Complete. Encompassing your Specific Needs
User: Built to your Specifications, not ours
Technological: Developed on the Leading Servers and Databases
Environment: State-of-the-art Computing Framework

What does it do?

ASTUTE™ does what you want it to do. Period.

Here are just a few of its capabilities:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Analysis
  • ETL Processing
  • Data Capture and Maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Examination Management Tracking and Workflow Monitoring
  • Provider Portal
  • Client Portal
  • Claims Processing & Integration

For further information on ASTUTE’s capabilities, contact one of our Experts.